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Our assistants

In 2009 our assistants founded a Self-Help-Group to support the children in their village to protect them from becoming homeless. The members of the group themselves lived in poverty but want to try the best to give the children a better future. Firstly, they started as volunteers, however, now we can pay a salary of 85 Euro per month to each of them. We also pay the school fee’s for their own children at school and they are getting free health care in the hospital.

The on-site assistant team is essential for our orphanage and school to work. They manage and conduct the daily tasks throughout the orphanage and school. Cooperation within the different cultures is not always simple but is possible with mutual respect and dialogue between all.

Thanks to modern technology the communication between the assocation and the orphanage is fast and easy by mobile phone (Whatsapp) or by internet (e-mail / scanned documents).

Madam Mwanaisha

The home is managed by our dedicated director Madam Mwanaisha. She is the mother of two children and has attended a management course to perform her work professionally.

Mr. Nyambu

Deputy director is Mr. Nyambu, who has a wife and three children. He takes care of our farm and organization in general.

Madam Mercy

Our school’s headmaster is Madam Mercy. After four years of holiday schooling, she now has an official diploma as a teacher and teaching is her passion.

Madam Ubah

She is our cook and takes care of all children day and night. She lives in our home with two of her own children and her cheerfulness is contagious.

Madam Mwanaisha small

Our assistant for the kitchen is the “little Mwanaisha”. She has grown up at our children’s home, and now has her own family and is employed by us.

Madam Rehema

Madam Rehema is our accountant and teacher. Her heart beats for the children and for needy families.

From right: Madam Mwanaisha, our childrens home principal, Madam Mwanajuma, our cleaner, Madam Belinda, mother of four children and our teacher, Madam Mercy, our school principal, Madam Lokadi, mother of four children and a dedicated teacher