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Help us

There are many ways to support the Little Angels.

Sponsorships will help us especially with running costs. This gives us a directional basis and security for long-term plans, such as ensuring the education of our orphans in secondary schools or further training of teachers.

Donations help us to advance new projects and to take care of maintenance and modernization, as well as to offset short-term and unexpected costs.

Volunteering not only keeps personal contact with children and teachers, the Little Angels also benefit from fresh ideas and a wide range of skills.

In the first 10 years, the work was done exclusively on a voluntary basis and also with a total of 20 months of unpaid leave to improve the project on-site. Due to an expansion and new projects, this can no longer be implemented completely on a voluntary basis because of the enormous amount of work involved. Therefore, an employment took place in the form of a part-time job on a marginal weekly hourly basis. The honorable commitment of the executive committee and furthermore the association members all continue to help unpaid with high motivation.