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Likoni Healthcare for all

Of course, the health of the local people is an important issue for us.

Our children, our helpers and their families receive free, comprehensive medical care at Kingston Hospital in Likoni.

This is a great support for us and the people use the service very often. In Likoni there is no doctor’s practice, but in the event of illness, people go directly to a hospital to be examined there. However, in most cases it is without an overnight stay, as for many people it is not financially feasible. We are grateful that we do not have to worry about the health care for our Little Angel children and the families of our helpers. In many cases, malaria, wounds, high blood pressure or diarrhea are treated.

This is just possible because of the sponsoring by the association “Likoni Healthcare for all e. V”, which was also founded in 2011 in Bavaria after Maria Sedlmair’s voluntary service in Kenya. More information: www.