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The association

In 2011, the association Little Angel was founded to support an orphanage and a school in Kenya, Mombasa (Likoni/Mtongwe). The foundress, Anja Friedrich, got to know the Little Angels after a three months stay in Kenya.

The living conditions were frightening. In early 2012, the children had to leave the house because the owner sold the plot and they did not have anywhere to stay. The association collected donations to buy a property for the orphanage and to build a home which included rooms for school classrooms. Without foreign help they would have become homeless.

A small property was acquired and the construction was finished in December 2012. Firstly, the building existed only of rough stone walls with a corrugated sheet roof. Thanks to more donations the living conditions were improved after some time which included the provision of electricity and running water. To reduce the risk of malaria, we constructed each of the rooms with a wooden ceiling and we bought two 10.000-litre-water tanks to store the rainwater. We have installed a filtration system which allows us to treat the rain water and use it as drinking water for the children. In 2015, a large piece of land was acquired (6,000 square meters) for agricultural use. With the new piece of farmland we now grow vegetables and keep and breed chickens which should make the home more independent in the future. In addition, the neighboring plot was bought, so that the children could have a playground and in the future we want to build new class rooms there.

The orphanage is a home for 12 orphans and a school for 150 children from the nearby village. More than 20 young adults already changed from the orphanage to a boarding school (Secondary school or Polytechnic). We have eight Kenyan assistants who look after the children and also work as our teachers or as carers. The initial association founded the home on their own initiative in 2010. The the only sponsor on site is a hospital which provides food for the orphans once a week. The parents of the children who attend our school live in the local village in poverty and pay low school fees to the association. In return the children get breakfast and lunch at school as well as an education. The home and school receives no state support.

Providing an education and support for self-help as the key to success: these are our first principles.

In addition to the orphanage, we now provide support to single mothers in the nearby village since July 2020. We founded a new self-help-group: “Likoni Women Hope & Eco“. The aim of the group is “to generate an own regularly income to escape the cycle of poverty”. Additionally, the women from the group organise beach clean-up events and promote recycling to protect the environment.

Moreover, there are workshops for the women with different topics (financial education, setting up business and many more). Several loans for setting up a business could already be enabled.

Additionally, we want to enable education for young girls

Furthermore, we support single mothers in agricultural projects in Kwamaiko (Nairobi) an in the Western Region. 

Further information about the women projects you will find at Other Projects.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward with pleasure to answering your questions!