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Other projects

In addition to supporting the home, the school and the children, nowadays we also support single mothers in Likoni-Mombasa. We want to enable them to live an independent life without hunger and provide school education for their children. The women are also involved in environmental protection, which we would like to promote.
Here you can find information about Likoni Women Hope & Eco.

Together with Stephen Boro, a Kenyan living in Germany, we support the women group in Kwamaiko. They live in a village near Nairobi (Kwamaiko). The project’s aim is to support single mothers in the village by giving them the chance to work in pig breeding so that they can live a self-determined life and can take care of the education of their children. We started this agricultural project with workshops, cultivation of plants and building up a stable. You will find further information about the Kwamaiko women here

We also support families in need who are personally known to us. Supporting people to help themselves is the device. You can read some of the stories here.