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Education / Secondary school

We try to find educational sponsors for the children after finishing class 8 to enable them to attend a secondary school (Grades 9 – 12). The preferred method is at a boarding school so that they can fully concentrate on learning. This includes a completely new environment and new experiences, beyond orphanage home life.

Before moving to the new school a bulk purchase has to be done to meet the requirements of the boarding school: mattress, school uniforms, books, school backpack, storage boxes, mosquito net etc. These costs are between 250 – 300 Euros and is beyond the reach of most Kenyan families. The monthly school fee for a boarding school is about 50 Euros per pupil.

Without our sponsors our children would not have a chance to graduate from secondary school and to continue their education. Many Kenyan children leave school after 8th grade and look for a temporary job as a daily labourer which provides just enough to survive. Or they are unemployed and are provided with food by a family member. 

In 2018/2019 we were already able to help 15 children to attend secondary school.

Binti: She is our plumber. She grew up in our orphanage, did the education to a plumber and starts in an independent life now.

For us it is really great that also young women are interested in a skilled manual work. 

Mwanajuma is our cosmetician.

Some years ago she came to our orphanage because of family problems. Her big dream was to do an education to become a cosmetician which she made successfully with a lot of talent. 

Bakari came to our orphanage as a really young boy. He graduated from school very well because he was hard-working and very ambitious, so that he could go to university in Mombasa. In July 2023 he got his Bachelor certificate in Electrical Engineering and will start in a company by doing a long-term internship. 

Fatouma grew up at our orphanage and developed to a self-confident young woman.

She wanted to become electrician and made the education with a good result. 

Abdallah came to us when he was a very young boy and grew up in our orphanage. His dream was to become an electrician and now he could finish his education successfully. Currently, he got an additional education in the plumber craft by a partner organisation, so that he can start with a wide range of knowledge in his working life soon. 

Rama has lived at the orphanage of Little Angel for many years. After finishing Secondary School successfully in 2020, he started the schooling education “Health Records” in Kisumu. This is comparable to an education to a medical professional clerk in a hospital. 

As a complete orphan Rasambi grew up at our orphanage together with his sister. The job of his dreams is coachbuilder. He could start this education at the professional school in Ukunda in autumn 2021.

Zaitoune has lived together with her sister at our orphanage for many years. In April 2022 she began with an education to a mechatronics engineer at the professional school in Voi. 

Ali studies marine engineering at the university of Mombasa. He will presumably graduate with its Bachelor degree in January 2023. 

angehende Kosmetikerin

Neema wanted to leave school after class 8. In January 2018, she started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser and beautician. We chose a private college in Mombasa for her, where she now has completed two years of theoretical and practical instruction. A sponsor paid for Neema’s training which cost around 2,000 euros. She is passionate about her chosen trade and because of her educational grades, it was the best option for her to start an apprenticeship right away instead of joining secondary school.

Hamisi attended school up to the 8th grade. At the end of 8th grade, he wanted to complete a trade education to become an electrician. We were able to find a sponsor for the fee of 3,000 euros (including rent and food). Another year followed, in which school and practice had been trained. We are very happy that we are able to give Hamisi the chance of a self-determined future with a proper education. In January 2019, he received his official certificate and was be able to take up a qualified job.

Mwanaisha was already 14 years old when she came to the children home. Due to poverty, her family did not send her to school. Learning was difficult for her, she had to repeat classes several times. In January 2014, at the age of 18 and still attending fifth grade. Together with the director we discussed about her future. It was our responsibility to give her a basis for being able to life an independent life. Her greatest wish was to become a tailor one day. With the help of a donation, she was able to finance her one-year training, which she successfully completed. Mwanaisha now has a family of her own and has been working as a childcare worker at our home since 2017.