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Help for self-help

The association Little Angel e. V. also supports whole families in need in Kenya. Here are some examples:

Roselyne and her family

Roselyne has 5 children and is single mother as her husband died 13 yeas ago. Her oldest son had been unemployed for many years after finished school and an education for a job was not possible because of financial reasons. We could find a sponsor for a professional training to become a motorcar mechanic.

His mother had worked at a farmer on the fields so far, but the income was often only enough for food. She could not pay the fees for the school so that her children were often sent home by the school. An education in school would be impossible without financial support and the children’s future perspectives would be characterized by poverty. 

Roselyne had the wish to open a little snack bar offering tee and homemade food with some benches to sit and eat. We were lucky to find a sponsor, so that she could become self-employed with 320 Euros. The income of the snack bar covers the living expenses and the school fee. Finally, Rosely can live a self-determined life and the children have a chance on education and consequently, a perspective for their future. 

Esther and her family

We have known Esther and her family since 2011. She is a single mother with three children, some days, she didn’t know how to feed them, especially when she couldn’t sell much at her small chapati street food place. The time she lived with her husband, she worked as an “untrained” teacher. She loved her job. However, after the birth of little Rose, she lost her job at the school and her husband left her. Thanks to a sponsor we were able to support them and pay school fees for the children. Her two boys are top of the class! Without our support it would not have been possible to send the children to school. Now we will enable Esther to go on with her education to become an official teacher. Because of this promise she found a new job as a teacher and she receives a monthly salary (initially low – 50 Euro), which will increase in two years – after the end of the training. For an independent life in the future! The three children are excelling in school – without our support they would hardly have a chance to graduate from highschool.

Christopher was injured in an accident in 2011 and lost his job. His wife, who tried to take care of him, also lost her job as a laundress. He had no money for a doctor, and the two children had to be taken out of school because the school fees could not be paid. The family was starving when we met them in 2011. The four of them lived in a small room without electricity or water. A dirty mattress was her only “furniture”. We paid for the medical expenses, bought food and a used motorcycle for Christopher so that he could independently earn his living for the family as a PikiPiki (motorcycle taxi) rider. At the end of 2012 we visited the family again. The children were cleaned up, the room had been furnished with a bed, a sofa and a table by his own income. Christopher was proud and beaming. We met him again at the end of 2014. In the meantime, he had bought a new motorbike, is saving for a TukTuk (motorized tricycle) and the family continues to do well in their modest living conditions. With 500 Euro we were able to give the family a better life in the long term and we are so happy about it!

TukTukHilfe zur Selbsthilfe