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Kwamaiko Women

Together with Stephen Boro, a Kenyan who lives and works in Germany for many years, we support a women group with an agricultural project. The women live in Stephen’s home village Kwamaiko near Nairobi. The project’s aim is to support single mothers who work in pig breeding so that they can live a self-determined life and can take care of the education of their children. 

In 2021, the agricultural project started with trainings, cultivating plants and building a stable. In the meantime, four of the five pigs got baby pigs so that we could build a second pig stable at a single mother’s home. Moreover, already at half of the women’s home who are involved in the project, a bigger chicken stable could be built as result of the common success. 

In 2022, a climate project was additionally launched: 200 trees were planted at a tree planting operation in Kwamaiko. 

A really great project. For more details please visit: