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Our farm

In 2016, thanks to donations, we were able to purchase a plot to use for farming. In 2017, things progressed and we were able to fence it in and build a small farmhouse. Our aim is to provide a balanced nutrition with a variety of vegetables and fruit. The food in the children home is not very varied (often corn porridge or rice and beans). In the future, if the yield is improving, we would like to sell part of the harvest on the market, so that the home will gradually become less dependent on donations. Unfortunately, due to the climate crisis heavy rains sometimes flood our farm and spoil the vegetables. In 2017 we also had the problem that the rainy seasons failed completely, and the groundwater dropped and our well had to be deepened. However, we are still optimistic that we will reach our goal and so far at least the children have always been able to benefit from the harvest.