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Sponsorships for the orphanage starting at 8 Euro per month. Sponsorship does not relate to one child, but benefits everyone. It can be terminated at any time without giving reasons. The sponsors are regularly informed by e-mail with reports and photos. The purpose of the association is to promote education and raise awareness of protection of the environment and nature. Furthermore, the association wants to support needy people and families. These aims are realized through the financial and ideological support of the orphanage “Little Angels” in Kenya and other non-profit organizations that have the same aims as the association. The association is selfless; it does not pursue its own economic aims. The association is recognized by the tax office of Oldenburg as a charitable association. Here you can find a form to take over a sponsorship:


Little Angel – ERMA Hope & Eco e.V.

Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
IBAN: DE33 2805 0100 0090 4301 33