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Likoni Women Hope & Eco

Our new women’s project “Likoni Women Hope & Eco” wants to improve the future of single mothers in need and also be active for environmental protection.

Environmental protection – Beach cleansing operation

Everyone is in action at the weekly beach cleansing operations. The women receive an expense allowance for their work which they invest in providing their families with food each week. The Likoni-Women did take part in several workshops, so that they know to what they have to pay attention when collecting and separating the plastic waste. Currently, there are different conversations with recycling companies for the material’s further utilisation.

Furthermore, the women would like to campaign for corresponding education in schools to create an awareness of environment and its protection at the children at an early stage.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 food were distributed and apportioned as the basis of existence had broken off for many women in the lockdown period. Little cookshops and market booths had to close and the women were without any income.

Setting up business

Until now we could enable 12 single mothers to found their own business to generate own income in a lasting way – as active help for self-help. Thereby the circle of poverty can be broken for the whole family. They take part in workshops regularly to get knowledge about how to manage a successful business. As all the women repay their loan monthly (50.000 KSH – 450 Euros) to a kind of collecting fund, it was already possible after a short period that one further woman could receive a loan for founding a business. This is a growing concept to reach a multitude of single mothers.

Do you want to support us in this intention? Then please contact us. In a very direct way you can enable one further woman to found her own business!

Different sectors: e.g. Second-hand trading, sales booths, hairdresser, dressmaker, …

Our association connected the group of women with other organisations successfully. Thereby the women could take part in several workshops free of charge in 2021/2022. The company Rintz Mombasa and the organisation “Hand in Hand East Africa” taught them in the field of “Recycling”. The “Association of Microfinance Institutions” (AMFI) sponsored in cooperation with a bank’s foundation (Sparkassenstiftung) a workshop with the topic “Financial Sophistication” lasting several days.

The women, who often did not have any or less access to good education (could not go to school) due to poverty reasons, are enthusiastic about the possibilities they now receive being part of the group.

Loan for starting business

The committed Likoni Women have started with a 12 months lasting project for which we received subsidies. 

The aim is to inform and enlighten 3,500 young people in Likoni about the meaning of family planning / birth control (contraception). This is a further approach to fight against poverty. The more women and men take on responsibility by knowledge and do active birth control, the easier prosperity, gender justness, prevention of escape can be created and preserved – and in last consequence: peace can be created and preserved. 

The women were educated by Kenyan trainers who work on a self-employed basis. Before these trainers completed a training programme of the Austrian organisation “Aktion Regen” (Action Rain):

Watch the video about the Rain Worker project here: